Glendale Powder Coating


Powder Coating services in Glendale

As an alternative to traditional wet painting, dry powder coating is a scratch-resistant finish specifically designed for metal surfaces that go through more than their share of wear and tear. With a proper powder coating job, the item being painted should stand up to years of abuse and is as close to permanent as possible. At Glendale Powder Coating, we are true powder coating experts and our flawless applications will protect your paint jobs for many years to come. The following are just a few examples of possible powder coating jobs in Glendale:

  • Metal gates
  • Chassis and auto parts
  • Motorcycle frames
  • Wheels
  • Trailers
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Fences and railings
  • Nuts and bolts

Whether you're working on a custom hot rod or just want patio furniture that will stand up to the Glendale elements, Glendale Powder Coating can help. Our professional powder coating technicians will treat your item with care and use our extensive knowledge to make sure the application is perfect. With countless powder coating applications completed for satisfied Glendale clients, we're the local company to call.

While the obvious advantage of powder coating is the extended durability, the process is not meant for situations where you're trying to match an existing color of paint. Because of the dry application, mixing powder is not possible and will result in a spotty finish.

To find out if powder coating is right for your Glendale project, call Glendale Powder Coating at 623-937-5557 to learn more.